Honesty in Business: the Little Girl and the Money in the Shoe

The little girl and the shoe - honesty in business

“A little girl found some folded money in a shoe at the second-hand shoe market. She put it back. If the shoes had been on sale, she would have bought them.”

“She knew that they would be put on sale soon so she made up her mind! Her Dad had to buy those money-filled shoes for her.”

Once Upon a Dream

Today, I had the weirdest dream. I awoke before its completion. That, however, couldn’t stop me. I completed while awake!

When I woke up, I was making a great speech to a multitude of curious listeners. I just continued where the dream left off. I finished the damn speech.

There was no pause to recall or whatever. I knew what I had to say so asleep or not, I had to say it.

The Shoe Sale

In the dream, my mom was selling second-hand shoes at home. People from everywhere kept coming to our home to buy shoes.

Then the commotion! I don’t remember exactly what caused it. Probably mom. Yes, I think I do remember now.

Mom suddenly realized her money was missing. she had left it in a shoe that was on sale. She asked my sibling (brother or sister, I don’t recall) and I to run and retrieve her money before the shoe on the rack.

The Shoes were Already Sold

Unfortunately, that pair had just been bought by a certain man. We told mom this and we saw a look of horror appear on her face.

Lucky for her, we had been assigned the duty of packing the shoes. You see the man had just bought them.

I found the money as I was packing the shoes. I quickly hid it behind a door, packed the shoes and gave them to the man.

The Man had been cheated!

After a short while, the man sort of raised an alarm. “I have been cheated! I have been cheated!” he cried.

A small crowd gathered almost out of nowhere. He began to explain what had happened. His little daughter had found that a pair of shoes being washed at the second-hand shoe market the previous day.

In her curiosity, she had discovered a stack of money in one of the shoes. She had taken note of the shoe and the seller. She had then convinced her rich dad, this very man, to buy that particular pair of shoes.

On finally buying the pair of shoes, he had given it to his young daughter. The daughter had checked the shoes only to find the money missing.

I know, right? What was his problem? This can’t be cheating. However, you will be shocked to hear that the crowd agreed with him.

The Search for the Missing Money

A search team was quickly bundled up to look for the money. The people frantically searched our house for the money. Now that as I tell this story, I can’t help think how crazy this was.

I mean who lets a crowd do that? And how was the crowd to find that particular money and not any other.  Any way, that is what dreams are; crazy!

Back to the story, everyone seemed convinced that the money belonged to the little girl. Even I was convinced but I kept my mouth shut. I mean I didn’t want mom to lose all that money (it seemed a lot)

The Money wasn’t the Little Girl’s

Finally, it hit me! They were all wrong. You can imagine it had taken me that long. I rushed upstairs where I had hidden the money and just as I arrived, the money was discovered behind the door.

A circle of proud young men was hovering over it as it lay on the floor behind the door. I quickly grabbed it and shouted something along the lines “The money does not belong to the little girl and I know why!”

The people gathered all round me and, weirdly, they seemed curious to hear the reason. We organized a room quickly and then I started struggling to explain.

I say ‘struggling’ because as soon as I would start explaining, some rude interruption from the audience would come up. I would then have to start over.

It was really frustrating! What frustrated me the most was when the audience angrily blamed me for wasting their time because of having to constantly start over. Can you believe those guys?

My Speech

Anyway, I did manage to go past the initial statement of my reasoning so the audience got hooked and the interruptions ended.

I said, “Sure, the little girl found the money and sure, I found it later and hid it.”

“However, the money was not for the little girl to keep! As soon as she put back the shoe on the rack after discovering its hidden treasures, she forfeited the money! It would have only…”

At this point I trailed off because I woke up. Of course to me, I didn’t trail off because I continued in my speech. My curious audience, though, wasn’t so lucky as to hear the whole speech.

Now I don’t know if the audience can read this now (Just a joke!) but here are the rest of my words.

“…been hers if, after buying the pair of shoes, she had discovered the money. At that point, if anyone had asked for the money back, it would have been to the girl’s discretion to return the money.”

“However, as things stand, the little girl saw the money, left it in the shoe and as far as I know, the owner realized that she had left some money in the shoe.”

“Thus the owner removed the money and put the shoe back on sale. That is when the little girl’s Dad found the shoe and bought it”

In all Honesty, was the Money not the Little Girl’s?

When I woke up with these words, I felt I was in the right. I mean those guys in the dream were definitely crazy to even think that the money was the little girl’s.

Now that I think about it, was the money not really hers?

Technically, the money was still in the shoe when the man paid his money. It was only when the shoes were being packed that the money was removed. The man had thus been given less than what he had paid for!

I bet you didn’t see this coming! I know I didn’t! The money belonged to the little girl!

Tell us what you think in the comments below. Some of you may wonder, what does this have to do with real life business anyway; it was just a dream.

Well you have to know that honesty, one of the best qualities of a good business, must be present even in the inner rooms of the store. Tell us what you think!

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