Customer Care Makes or Breaks a Business

good customer care keeps your customers around

There are many times we buy stuff just because we like the seller. Usually the seller is either nice to us or we are just attracted to them.

Now as a businessperson, you can’t really control how attractive you look. At least not as much as you can control how nice you are to people.

‘Customer is King’

Yes, we have heard that said so many times. I know most of my articles go against the status quo but forgive me for this one. This article agrees with the “Customer is King” philosophy.

You see people like being happy. I am not sure if there is anyone who hates being happy. When people are treated nicely or see an attractive person, they become happy.

Now if you can’t make yourself attractive or you can’t show that you are attractive (e.g. if you are a phone attendant), you have to be nice.

‘King’ not ‘Idiot’

Pretending to be nice is not nice. Get that from me. It pisses off. It is an insult to the other person’s intelligence.

It is even worse if it is evident that you are trying to be nice just to get what you want. If you try that on me, you will lose my trust and…wait for it…my business!

How can I trust your word after realizing you have been lying to me? I’m not an idiot! At least if I am an idiot, I don’t want you to know you are right.

Your pretense shouts that I am an idiot and I will go to great depth to show you that I am not. First, on my to-do list, is to give you no other chance to pretend to be nice to me.

Let’s Get More Intellectual

You see people treat the people that they take as better, or greater, than themselves very nicely. However, those that they think are below their league, they treat as garbage.

Oh, you don’t believe me, do you? This is for men. Go try approaching a girl, who is hailed by those around her as the prettiest in the vicinity. When you do, make sure you stammer every two words and ensure you show her that you are avoiding direct eye contact. You will tell me.

I’m sorry; I don’t really have a way to show this to my women’s audience. May be you should try convincing a close male friend or a brother to try the above test, and then tag along. You will see.

Thus when a person realizes that he/she is being treated nicely, they subconsciously assume that they are great people, at least to the person being nice. Their self-esteem thus rises and they become happy.

What is Being Nice?

I realize I haven’t told you what I mean by being nice. I assumed you knew. However for those who don’t know, here is the definition.

Being nice to a person means to be truly concerned with that person’s happiness and working towards ensuring it. As simple as that!

It always starts with your intentions. The intentions have to truly be selfless. If you are trying to be nice so that the other person might be nice or something, you are not nice; you are a pretender!

My Experience with Customer Service

I once stopped using an online payment gateway because the customer agent, who had initiated a conversation with me, refused to respond to my reply. To me that was just plain crazy!

You talk to me, I talk back and even attempt to keep the conversation going and what do you do? You give me the silent treatment. Well, two can play this game. Actually, I will beat you at it. I will give you the i-don’t-want-to-see-you-anymore treatment.

Of course there are those businesses that offer such excellent products that their customer service doesn’t need to be responsive or nice. Take PayPal, for example.

I have attempted, twice, to ask PayPal customer service about their future plans for Ugandan accounts. You see a Ugandan PayPal account can, as of the time of this writing, only be used to pay bills and not to receive payments.PayPal has never got back to me. I still use my PayPal account though, and happily.

Such businesses with such monopolistic tendencies due to their extra-ordinary services or products can get away with not being nice.

They are analogous to a pretty lady. However, if you are average, you have got to be nice!

Tell us your different run-ins with an unhelpful customer service and what you think about them now. Or just write any other comment you wish to make down in our comment section.

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